Truegreen7 has gained more than 550,000 subscribers in just over 3 years and my intensely edited videos, which I narrate and create, have been viewed 60 MILLION times. Motion graphics work is a huge part of this channel's success, as well as my narration and voice acting skills.

Check out the channel if you enjoy fast paced editing and Pokemon!

7 May 2018

My Graduation!


9 May 2018

Encore Thesis Screening

26 April 2018

Last Day of Class

3D aNIMATION & Motion Graphics

YouTube channel with 550K Subscribers

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Aside from my computer art career, I am a relatively large YouTuber with a channel dedicated to high quality videos about the Pokemon franchise. This channel is Truegreen7


I have been able to maintain a 3.93 GPA while working on my "weekly" videos and secondary videography job.