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I am a man who highly appreciates animation and can see the constant beauty everywhere.


I am a 3D Animation student with the goal of becoming a highly successful animator. All I've ever wanted to do was bring characters and stories to life and I've had experience doing just that over the last 8 years. In high school I was the "Head of Video Production" giving me the opportunity to create many student films and have experience directing videos and events. Upon entering higher education at SVA I was able to finally delve into CG animation, motion graphics and my future... 

My Biography

Professional Experience (Resume)

Ron Sroor

Born: August 6, 1996

Raised in: New York City

Education: School of Visual Arts

Religion: Judaism


Various Talents:  Drawing, Voice Acting, Narrating, Singing

Coursework includes:
Computer animation: 3D Modeling and Animation


VFX and Motion Graphics

2D Compositing
Python Scripting for Maya

Pro tools
Digital Photography and Video
Animated Series Development


3D aNIMATION & Motion Graphics

Who is Ron Sroor?

Galaxy Studios Video and Photography                                                                  2013 to Present

    - Head of Videography and Compositing
    - Created and managed the studio’s online presence, YouTube channel and social media page

Truegreen7                                                                                                  Late 2014 to Present

    - Sole content creator of a successful YouTube channel with 375,000 + subscribers
    - Truegreen7 receives an average of 100,000 views per day.
    - Every single weekly video is filled to the brim with motion graphics.


Adobe Premiere / After Effects / Photoshop


Pro tools  

Adobe Illustrator

Substance Painter






Leadership Experience                                                   

Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School                                                                              2012 to 2014

            - Head of the entire school’s Video production / Youtube channel (Filmed every event)
            - Lead a group of 20+ students within the Video Club / Taught the Digital Video class
            - Vice President of Student Council

The School of Visual Arts (Computer Art)                                                                   2014 to 2018